jimi haha

Excuse me.   I   ARTed .

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Jimi HaHa 1968- ?

In his youth, Jimi HaHa (Jimi Davies) was a bed wetter and thumb sucker.

He's been peeling the labels off crayons and creating art since he was three.

He spent the last twenty years of his life dodging employment by touring the world with his multi-aluminum selling rock band Jimmie's Chicken Shack. He also plays in Jarflys.

He is a not so disappointing son, adequate husband and anxious father.

He ekes out a living selling paintings, playing music and publishing the quarterly art publication Up.St.ART Annapolis.


He recently has embarked on a collaboration with artist Jeff Alan Huntington called JaH-HaHa Collaborative Art

 jeff=JaH  + jimi=HaHa


JaH-HaHa has artist representation from Porter Contemporary in New York City

Jimi types about himself in the third person.

Jimi likes air, food, comfortable shoes and the occasional glass of water.

Jimi plays well with others.